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July 2008 update Thursday 31 July 2008

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We’ve been lugging topsoil from a new hole we’ve made in the Herbaceous border to the marginal planting area by the ponds and transplanting Reeds and Irises from the holding pond. Click to see the Ponds page

We’ve also been rotavating some areas of bare earth in the beds to make them look more presentable, and cut the rough grass – well, more like hay! – which we are stacking to make compost. Click to see the Shrubbery page

My Sweet Peas got to the top of their canes – and were about to do their usual trick of flopping down, and then the flowers grow upright, in effect growing round in a semi-circle, which makes them useless for a vase. So had to devote the time to laying the plants down – cut all the ties so I could take them off the canes, laid them down, rearranged them along the rows and then trained/tied them up the next-cane-but-one. I’ve got about 80 plants and I reckon it took 2 or 3 hours

Laying the Sweet Peas

Laying the Sweet Peas

They had better not get to the top of the stakes again before the end of the season!

The first flush of Roses is pretty much over, so I’ve given then a dose of Top Rose fertiliser. Its their first year, and they’ve been spectacular, so I want to keep them in tip-top condition. The scent is amazing when we sit out on the terrace of an evening. I think I might plant some night scented stocks along the back of the Rose border next year. Will that be too much?


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