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Beth Chatto Garden Saturday 9 August 2008

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Miserable weather, so we went to have a look round Beth Chatto’s Garden (near Colchester, Essex) to get some inspiration marginal plants for our pond

We rather fell in love with the Thalia dealbata to the right (and picture below) but they had sold out

Thalia dealbata

Thalia dealbata (Click for close-up)

In general we decided that what we need are architectural plants plants, rather than coming up with a colour scheme for flowering plants.

Just as we left we saw an Aquatic Centre where we bought some fish for the pond – a couple of large-ish Goldfish and 5 very small Shaubs which we have added to our pond. I’m not sure we are going to see the small guys again until they have grown – next year probably! – but my wish to be extravagant and only buy 4″ fish was overruled.


One Response to “Beth Chatto Garden”

  1. Philip Voice Says:

    What makes your lovely pond so atmospheric is the rain falling on the surface.

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