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Front Hedge Update Sunday 16 November 2008

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In the process of replacing our front hedge we removed the old hedge at the end of October, and I’ve been looking around for new hedging plants that are suitably large (because I’m impatient to have a finished result!) but will not break the bank.

Some of the prices are staggering, and I’ve decided I’m not that impatient

I have done lots of research, but on this particular bit I forgot to write down the supplier, but their Yew was £72.85 for 2M plants (which is pretty competitive), rising to £204.45 for 2.5M and £893.00 for 3M plants. Wow!

Anyway, I made up my mind and have ordered 260 Copper Beech 120/150cm tall @ £5.39

I could have bought “instant hedge” from Practicality Brown @ £284 / M. I’m planting 4 / M as a double row, but their’s is single row – so say 3 / M so that would be £94.66 per plant. Ouch! Their products, and service, does look amazing though. Sods law that I win the lottery the week after we’ve done all this – what do you think?!!

I’ve also bought 11 small Tilia euchlora limes which have been pruned ready for training as Pleach @ £35.26, ready-trained and more mature pleach trees where between £150-£250; also bought a dozen assorted trees (all at the smallest 6/8std size)

So … Wallet won over Impatience!

I’ve also sourced the 8 Yew that I need; they are bushy 2.25M plants @ £79.68 – I had to push the order up a bit to get some discount, so have bought four smaller Topiary-Ready plants for the sunken garden.

I’m thinking that with the amount of soil we will have to put back into the planting trench I’m going to need a small tracked digger. Our soil is heavy, and there is a lot of root, from the original plants, which will make doing it by hand hard work.

Fingers crossed that the weather in the first week of December is OK


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