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Reviving a Leylandii Hedge Thursday 27 November 2008

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Whilst I was driving this morning I saw an interesting method for reviving a Leylandii hedge that had, presumably, got out of control. This method only works if only one side of the hedge needs to be “smart”, as the back-side looks rather forlorn!

It looks like the hedge has been cut down to about 1 metre, and all the branches on the “good” side allowed to develop to form the new hedge, and then all the branches on the back-side removed – pictures are going to describe it better, so here they are:

Back of hedge

Back of hedge

Back of hedge (2)

Back of hedge (2)

Front of Hedge

Front of Hedge

Front of Hedge(2)

Front of Hedge(2)


2 Responses to “Reviving a Leylandii Hedge”

  1. Now how fortuitous is this. i clicked to have a look at your lovely blog and found this.. My leylandii hedge I want to project forwards as a backdrop to a border. My non gardening husband went out a couple of years ago and cut the thing back at the front leaving a huge bare strip of border I don’t want. I have topped the hedge and am now waiting patiently waiting for it to thicken again. Now I have a new idea on how to attack it. Thanks

    • kgarden Says:

      Good luck with the project! I look forward to seeing some Before and After pictures on your blog (and a few of the blood, sweat and toil would be good too!)

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