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March 2009 Update Saturday 14 March 2009

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March 2009 Update – 14-March-2009

We removed the old Leylandii hedge in the front of the house, and then replanted it. We planted quite a few trees, moved some mature shrubs to the back of the herbaceous garden, and have had quite a bit of tree surgery done – the Lombardy Poplars on one side of the drive are gone, and in their place we’ve planted a line of Pleached Limes; the remaining tall Leylandii has been topped.

Last Autumn we laid block paving for the floor for the Propagation and Plant greenhouse, and this Spring we (finally!) got it glazed and operational; and I’ve dug out all the soil from the Cropping greenhouse, and replaced with muck and compost.. Details on the Greenhouse page

Saturday 07-March-2009

Updated the Vegetable Patch 2009 page

Monday 02-March-2009

Added a blog entry about a Garland Super 7 Propagator I bought


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