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Spring 2009 Update Thursday 18 June 2009

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Spring 2009 Update – 05th April 2009

Monday 02-March-2009

Added a blog entry about a Garland Super 7 Propagator I bought

Sunday 05-April-2009

Averted disaster with my Sweetcorn seedlings (article now moved to 2009 Sweetcorn Crop Notes)

Wednesday 15-April-2009

A way to use Wudnerground.com to work out the (average) last frost date, or a suitable date to start hardening off plants, based on Personal Weather Stations in your area

Wednesday 06-May-2009

Scroll down for new posts:

My 2009 Sweetcorn Crop Notes link – plants have outgrown their paper pots and my greenhouse trial (I have also updated my Growing Sweetcorn article). [Updated on 04-Jul-2009]

I built some netting over the Brassica bed to keep the Cabbage White Butterfly off my Brussels Sprouts, Cabbages and Cauliflowers.

Updates to Articles 6th May 2009

  • Updated the Greenhouses article with details of the salad crops
  • Embarked on clearing the Shrubbery of weeds, and some pictures of spring flowering shrubs
  • Lifted and transplanted herbaceous plants from Front Hedge project and prepared the original bed for sowing grass
  • Planting of the Herbaceous Border has been mostly completed

Thursday 18-June-2009

Added a blog entry with a Crops Update


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