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Autumn 2011 Tour Sunday 27 November 2011

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Another year draws to a close in the garden. Looking back at last year’s the Autumn 2010 Tour I see that I wrote it on 1st October. This year we had a heat wave at the end of September, after a lousy Summer (and an incredibly dry Spring); we had family issues to sort out during the Summer which meant our aspirations for our Garden projects fell a long way short. However, we did our best to make up for it in October and hence I am not writing this until the end of November. It is always very cathartic writing my annual round-up, as the nights shorten and Winter depression sets in! each incremental changes does not feel like a big step forwards at the time, but writing about them gives a sense of pride at what has been achieved.

To try to make it easier for returning visitors I’ve created an “Autumn 2011 Tour”. If you follow the link it will take you to the first revised article, read (or scroll) to the bottom, and then there is a link to the next updated article. I hope you find it helpful, the links will bring you back to this page at the end of the tour, or you can skip back to this page for an “2011 Tour Index” of the revised articles.

If you want to follow the Autumn 2011 Tour please start with This Link

Index of the articles changed for Autumn 2011:

Ponds – still not finished the surround of the final pond.
Shrubbery, [2011 Tour]
Herbaceous Border – this will become a “Hot” / Red border in 2012 (no updates for 2011 Tour)
Building a Garden Extension – this has evolved into these separate topics:

Exotic Garden [2011 Tour] Plants raised and Site prepared

The Vegetable Patch has been productive and kept us in vegetables for about 10 months of the year, and the Greenhouse has been busy with 2,000 Box cuttings I took in Autumn 2010, and 200 Lavender plug plants to extend the Cross Walk. The Replacement Front Hedge has had its first light trim. There are no specific updates for the 2011 Tour.

I have written a description of some gardens we visited this year, and posted some pictures:
East Ruston Old Vicarage – visited for our second year. Some additional photographs.
Sissinghurst [2011 Tour] Not our cup-of-tea, but liked the Nut Garden
Great Dixter [2011 Tour] Loved the Exotic Garden, and the Topiary (these two are very close, so can both be visited on the same day)
Will Giles exotic garden [2011 Tour] amazing town-house garden in Norwich, and the Exotic plant nurseries Amulree and Urban Jungle which are nearby.


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