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Greenhouse Electrical Sockets Monday 11 August 2014

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Someone asked me recently about the electrical sockets in my greenhouse, here are some pictures:

Greenhouse Power Sockets

Greenhouse Power Sockets

Greenhouse Power Sockets

Greenhouse Power Sockets

The sockets are on the “wall” by the entrance door, and are high enough up that they don’t get covered in water when watering the plants; they are attached to a piece of board, itself attached to the greenhouse frame, which allows space between the back and the glass for cables. My fan heater has a 3M cable, so its no problem to arrange that vertically, between the staging and the power socket, and then along the central path to the heater. Underneath the control panel is the controller for my Mist Propagation – an absolute boon, which means that I don’t have to worry about hand-misting my cuttings, and has increased my strike rate to close to 100%, but I have no idea why mist controllers are so expensive.

I should have fitted a light, with a waterproof switch, rather than plugging a light into the 13AMP socket (which I have to unlatch and open in order to turn anything on / off)


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