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Holding Down Mypex Membrane with Wire Pegs Thursday 19 February 2015

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I started using Mypex weed suppressing membrane in the vegetable patch last season, which was very effective (and this year I am going to plant all my vegetables through the membrane – almost zero weeding, and greatly reduced irrigation). One of the problems I encountered was how to anchor the Mypex weed suppressing membrane down. Initially I grabbed whatever was to hand, mostly bricks and blocks, and placed them at intervals on the membrane. It worked “OK”, the blocks got in the way of some plants, and the edges lifted in the wind, not much but a bit, in between the blocks. A friend told me he was using pegs made from old fencing wire, and I have tried that with great success. In particular long stretches of membrane on my beds have been out all winter, in some strong winds, and the pegs have surprised me with holding everything in place. I haven’t had to adjust or fix any of them all winter.

Mypex Weed Suppressing Membrane - Wire Pegs

Mypex Weed Suppressing Membrane – Wire Pegs

This is what my pegs look like – about 2′ long with an additional 9″ “prong” on each end.

There are more details and photographs comparing beds covered with membrane held with bricks, and wire pegs, and what a bed left uncovered for the winter looks like in February!, in my Vegetable Patch article Vegetable Plot – Mypex Weed Suppressing Membrane Experience


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