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Germinating Nerine Seeds Monday 16 March 2015

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Each Autumn I save seed in old brown envelopes, to keep it dry over the winter, however last Autumn Ie saved seed from Nerines for the first time – I didn’t bother to read what you are supposed to do but as it turns out putting the seed in an envelop is definitely NOT the correct procedure!

So now that I have Google’d and learnt what to do I particularly liked this comment “These seeds germinate almost as well lying on a tabletop as when planted” – and I can tell you that Jim wasn’t kidding!

Nerine Seed Germinated

Nerine Seed Germinated

This is what they looked like when I tipped them out of the envelop yesterday! I don’t know if they normally exhibit hypogeal germination? but that’s what it looks like – the seed has germinated and produced a nice baby bulb, but no leaves. Anyways, I “sowed” them! very gingerly, so as not to break the fine thread between seed and bulb, in the hope that they may come to something.


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