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Wandering Round the Garden – 22-Mar-2015 Monday 23 March 2015

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I found a pot of Allium Gladiator – goodness knows when I potted them up, or why I didn’t put them in the ground? They are in the ground now!

Allium Gladiator - Mar 2015

Allium Gladiator – Mar 2015

Allium Gladiator - Mar 2015

Allium Gladiator – Mar 2015

I stood the pot in the hole and found it was a bit deep, so I put a few inches of sand in the hole to improve drainage. One blessing of the bulb being that far advanced is that it had enough root to hold the rootball together when I knocked it out of the pot and planted it.

Just got to wait for it to flower now – I hope it is as big & bold as the name & hype predict!

Whilst I was planting them I spotted that the Cardiocrinum giganteum has started to grow. They are a magnet for slugs, but its an area where my chickens range free, so I put a small flat tile next to it with some slug pellets underneath.

Cardiocrinum giganteum  - Slug Trap - Mar 2015

Cardiocrinum giganteum – Slug Trap – Mar 2015

This will be the bulb’s 3rd year; it was bought as “flowering size” so hopefully it will flower this year. I was disappointed that it didn’t flower the first year, but I’ve since realised that if it were to flower immediately it is unlikely it would have anything like enough root to support a properly magnificent flower stalk, so better that it took a year or two to get ready. Cardiocrinum is monocarpic, so it will die after flowering, leaving me lots of bulbils which will take 5 to 7 years to flower, and probably more seed than I can shake a stick at. I suppose I will sow some, and then wonder what to do with 100 Cardiocrinum plants!!

I’ve also fiddled with the exit at the far end of the Maze which original came out about 10M short of the end of the Holm Oak Walk but I decided it would be better coming out right at the end, directly into the circular end-point. Some photos in the Serpentine Maze page

Daffodil Tête á Tête

Daffodil Tête á Tête

Not a lot of colour at this time of year, but the dwarf Daffodil ‘Tête á Tête’ are charming, with some early Dutch and Dwarf Irises, as well as some Daffodils naturalised in the lawn. I need to buy several sacks of those next August and greatly extend the planting area.

Daffodils - 23 Mar 2015

Daffodils – 23 Mar 2015


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