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… in Other News Monday 18 May 2015

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Amaryllis Broken

Amaryllis Broken

Amaryllis are always very top-heavy when in flower, I sit them in a nice presentation outer-pot and fill the gap between the two with gravel to make it stable. Or so I thought … this one, sadly, keeled over anyway. I suppose the good news is that it didn’t take the precious china pot with it. Lead Shot next time perhaps?

Asparagus Harvest

Asparagus Harvest

Struggling to keep up with the Asparagus harvest, these chaps had grown very tall, but fresh from the garden they are so succulent then we can eat most of the stem, and the bits that are a bit tough are steamed and then made into soup (run through a Mouli to separate out the pith). We’ll be fed up with Asparagus by the Longest Day (when harvesting will stop)

Compost Delivery

Compost Delivery

Running low on potting compost, so decided to have enough delivered so that I don’t have to faff around at the local Stacked High Shed. Its always a lottery, each year, finding a reliable compost – Which? publish a survey of brands each year as a guide to which has decent quality. I find it much easier to buy a commercial brand, its always consistent, nice and fine, never any twigs or rubbish in it. Never as cheap as the Sheds though! even in this quantity. Mind you … the bags stay the same size (75L) rather than getting smaller-and-smaller, for the same price …


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