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We’re having a party … Monday 18 May 2015

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Guests coming, we need to use the conservatory … apparently … not that we haven’t got other rooms in the house, and its an unwritten rule that I don’t plant-out until first week of June – I can’t be doing with rushing out at midnight with a torch trying to stretch fleece over plants because there is a late frost.

At the beginning of March I set up some staging in the conservatory for seedlings that I am bringing on, and Dahlias and Cannas that I am starting off.



and by mid May it tends to get a bit overcrowded!



Coleus Seedlings

Coleus Seedlings 24-Apr-2015

Orangery - 05May2015

Orangery – 05May2015

The Orangery, next door, is still stuffed with the tender plants, both ornamental and fruit trees, that were been brought in for the winter and are normally planted out first week of June (the Spring this year has been cold though …)

So all the staging removed …

Staging removed

Staging removed

Luckily a warm, sunny, day so the plants could stand outside during the reshuffle

Orangery stuffed!

Orangery stuffed!

no longer possible to get down the aisle in the Orangery to water anything …



I tempted fate by bringing a couple of Bananas out of the Orangery to add a bit of “stature” (Ensete ventricosum montbeliardii), all was well as it met with approval.



Restored to “normal” in time for the guests arrival.

Can’t help thinking that the timing of the party was political though?!!


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