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Autumn 2015 Tour Monday 14 December 2015

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In previous years I have made a post aggregating the articles which have been updated with new information or photographs; 2012 was the last time I had a chance to do that, my apologies to those of you who have found that useful in the past.

There is a link at the end of this post to “Autumn 2015 Tour” and that will take you to each article with updated photographs, if you then scroll to the bottom of each page there will be a link to the next Autumn 2015 Tour article. My aim is that you will be able to visit each relevant page quickly and easily – please let me know if you think this is a good idea, or a bad one!

We have continued with some major Construction projects this year, but none of them have advanced enough to make an article worthwhile.

We are creating a Japanese Stroll Garden, based on a garden we saw at Compton Acres in Dorset. The idea is to stroll around a large pond and the trick, if we manage it, will be to hide various views within the garden and spring them on the visitor as surprises. We have moved tons (and tons!) or rubble and soil to shape the garden in an otherwise flat East Anglian landscape. We hope to finish the hard-landscaping in Spring 2016 and I will write an article then.

Earth moving

Japanese Stroll Garden – Earth moving

Gabions, Rubble and Clay

Japanese Stroll Garden – Gabions, Rubble and Clay

The other major project was the planting of Daffodil bulbs this autumn. I want to have a “sea” of Daffodils near the house which we can look out onto in the Spring. My plan was to choose three of four varieties that would overlap from ultra-early to mega-late and inter-plant the whole area, rather than planting islands of a variety. Trouble is that I whittled my short-list down to 28 varieties … so I wound up buying 25 bulbs of each of the 28 varieties and I have planted them as a cutting bed for the house (planting between the Cobnut bushes in the Fruit and Nut garden), with the intention of seeing what dates they actually flower on (websites disagree on that point,a s you might expect) and which ones look good together, and then in a year or two’s time I will bulk-plant the whole area with the chosen varieties.

Autumn 2015 Tour: Start – (Daffodil planting)


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