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Welcome !! Friday 7 July 2017

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This is mostly a diary of the development of our garden, and late on in the year I update all the articles on the site to show the changes we have made during the year (and as such “normal” Blog entries are posted sporadically).

If you are a returning visitor you might like to read the Autumn 2015 Tour – this will take you on a tour around all the articles that were changed at the end of 2015

If you are a new visitor, visiting for the first time, you might like to start with the About page

If you are looking for something specific please try the Blog Index.

I record pictures that interest me on Pinterest kGardenPins on Pinterest – I don’t Pin everything I see! just ones of interest.

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5 Responses to “Welcome !!”

  1. Shiney (from GC) Says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Good to see you again and I have only just started looking through your site. You are doing a fantastic job – as usual – and it makes me feel a bit tired just seeing all the hard work you put in.
    It takes me all my spare time (not a lot of it) just getting my garden ready for open day and maintaining it.
    Best wishes

    • kgarden Says:

      Thanks Shiney. The Butternut Squash seed you gave me was amazing, and this year’s crop looks good to. I have a few seeds left for next year, and I promise I will have a go at keeping some seed myself! – otherwise I may have to ask for some more.

      I also grew Cobnut from Suttons this year. They were much earlier, but very small, all sorts of different shapes and sizes (F1? my foot …)

      Good gardening!

      • g.spicer@poole.gov.uk Says:

        I was looking at the Tarpaflex you have installed over your allotment. I believe this has rows of eyelets up the middle. Did you have to fill all these holes before using the netting?

      • kgarden Says:

        I don’t, and have only ever had a couple of butterflies inside the netting in all the years I have been using Debris Netting. But I do know of people who go to the trouble of stitching the eyelets up.

      • Graham Spicer Says:

        Hi again

        I have now installed Tarpaflex netting. The 3m width came with 2 rows of eyelets up the middle which I have covered with tape – also supplied by Tarpaflex.


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