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July 2017 Roundup Saturday 8 July 2017

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Gloriosa looking good in the conservatory. There are a couple of different varieties in that pot but I don’t know which (apart from the obvious G. rothschildiana) because I planted a handful of varieties some years ago and each autumn I just abandon the pot, dry, until the following spring and now there are only 4 plants left, so I will restock it with some fresh tubers next year as clearly some have given up. Or I could take the view that the Good Do’Ers have survived, and I’d be better to stick to just them.


and a new large-head Allium I tried – its a boy-thing! (this taken on 10-Jun)

Allium Univers

This is the first year that the Black Bamboo has put up some culms of decent diameter, so hopefully its now established and will be as bold in future years. I’m trying to water it more this year, than I have manged to do in the past, so will be interesting to see if that helps. The regime I’m trying for is to water well Spring and Summer, until the new culms have grown, and only then start feeding.

Black Bamboo

and also the first year that I’ve managed to get decent sized Echiums – I ought to measure them, they must be around 10′ tall




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