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Blog Index Sunday 30 December 2012

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Autumn 2017 Tour – see what changed on this Blog during 2017


Lifting Tender Plants for the Winter
Logging the Flowering History Record
Seed Packet Storage, Organisation And Planning
We’re Having A Party – clearing the conservatory in Spring
Bindweed / Bellbind – Clearing
Bought some flower pots
Hedges – What Does It Cost To Plant A New Hedge?
Potting Up Bare Root Trees For Planting Later
Hedges – Reviving a Leylandii Hedge


Asparagus Bed
    I Planted My Beans Too Early
    Book Recommendations
Brassicas – Brussels Sprouts / Cabbages / Cauliflowers:
    Brassica Netting – against Cabbage White Butterfly
    Carrots – How to Grow
Compost Heap:
    Compost Heap
Cropping Plans:
    Cropping Plans and Crop Rotation
    Creating a Cropping Plan Spreadsheet
    Cucumbers – How to Grow in a Greenhouse
Fruit trees:
    Bargain / Discount Fruit Trees From Aldi, Lidl, Poundland
Greenhouse / Polytunnel:
    Using A Tunnel / Blowaway In A Greenhouse For Seedling Protection
    Greenhouse : Glass or Polythene Tunnel?
    Growing Greenhouse Crops
      Growing Greenhouse Cucumbers
      Growing Greenhouse Melons
    Melons – How to Grow in a Greenhouse
Netting – see Protecting Crops with Netting
Parsnips, Salsify and Scorzonera:
    Parsnips, Salsify and Scorzonera – How to Grow
Planning Spreadsheet – see Vegetable Planner Spreadsheet
    How to Protect Potatoes from Frost
    Potatoes in Bags / Pots
    Propagator (Electric)
Protecting Crops:
    Netting Vegetable Crops
    Protecting Crops with Netting
Raised Beds:
    Creating Raised Beds and a Windbreak
Seed Sowing and Germination:
    Vegetable Seed Sowing For 2016 Has Started
    Shallots – Seed Or Sets?, French Or Dutch?
    Buying Vegetable Seed And Is F1 Seed Worthwhile?
    Seed Sowing Indoors
    Sow Direct Or Raise Plants?
    Seed Germination Using The Baggy Method
    How to Make Pots from Newspaper
    Sweetcorn – How to Grow
    Sweetcorn Crop Notes
Vegetable Preserving / Drying:
    Vegetable Drier – drying my Chillies
Planting out:
    When can I put my plants out?
    Growing Greenhouse Tomatoes Using Hydroponics
Vegetable Planning:
    Vegetable Planner Spreadsheet
Weed Suppressing Membrane:
    Holding Down Mypex Membrane With Wire Pegs
    Growing Crops Through Woven Weed Suppressing Membrane

Courgettes in Propagator – Oops!
Merry Christmas Lunch 25 December 2008


Planting Out Seed-Raised Lilies – Lilium Regale
Planting Eremurus – Foxtail Lilies
Germinating Nerine Seeds
Growing Galtonia Candicans From Seed
Begonia rex
Coleus (Solenostemon)
Snowdrop collection


Project overview and Plans of the Garden
Barn Project 2009
Centre Court 2011-
Cross walk 2011-2012
Exotic / Jungle garden 2011-2014
Fruit and Nut Walk – Apple Espalier Training 2012-
Front Hedge Replacement 2008-9 Before/After Photos 2008-2012
    Greenhouses 2007-9
    Greenhouse Electrical Sockets
    Second Hand Greenhouse – Disassembly and Re-erection
    Greenhouse Staging and Capillary Matting
Herbaceous border 2008-10 Before/After Photos 2007-2012
Hornbeam Hedge and Growth Rates 2011-
Holm Oak walk 2011-
Hydrangea walk 2011-
Japanese Stroll Garden: 2015-
    Making a Japanese Stroll Garden
Lavender Hedge
Long walk 2011-2016 and Folly 2015-2016
Pergola Project 2009-10
Pleached Lime hedge 2008-9 Before/After Photos 2008-2011
Ponds 2007-10
Round White Garden 2014-
Serpentine Maze 2012-
Shrubbery 2007-11 Before/After Photos 2007-2012
Vegetable Patch 2007-12
Versailles Planters 2010
Woodland Walk 2012-

Original Plans, Since reworked

Woodland / Spit 2008-9
The Garden Extension 2010

Garden Source Pages


AgriFab Lawn Maintenance Products
Okatsune Secateurs And Snips Review

My Garden

Garden Views – Late May 2014
Veg pictures – 7 August 2008

Garden Visits

Anglesey Abbey Winter Garden
Beth Chatto Garden
Bressingham Gardens
Compton Acres Garden
East Ruston Old Vicarage
Great Dixter
Hidcote Manor Garden
Kiftsgate Court Garden
Will Giles

Chelsea 2014
Chelsea 2013


3 Responses to “Blog Index”

  1. Carole Says:

    re the Debris netting you used to protect your Brassicas – I have seen the netting on eBay – but where do you get the pipe from?


  2. Marley Says:

    Really enjoyed reading it all Kristen, coming on really really well.. Keep up the good works..!! 🙂

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