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Building a large garden on a budget

Kiftsgate Court Garden Sunday 12 September 2010

We enjoyed Kiftsgate Court. Right next door (in landed-gentry terms!) to Hidcote Manor so a pity to not see both if you are going to see one. Smaller and only took us an hour to walk round, whereas we spent two and a half walking round Hidcote.

Mad! Much of the garden on the side of a cliff face – which means that the views from the top are spectacular but you wouldn’t half get fit looking after it! Being able to see the massive trunks of the Pines (I thought they were Montrey, but they might well be Scotties) at a point some 20′ from their base, but only perhaps 1/3rd of the way up, at eye level, was intriguing and striking.

Lots of interesting planting, the Kiftsgate rose is a huge beast indeed (reputedly the largest Rose in England I think), and many plants labelled which was helpful for us (both gardens had a Plant list by “zone” which was pretty much all we needed and the kind lady at the gate filled in the few that we couldn’t figure out for ourselves)

The view from Kiftsgate Court across the swimming pool and down the valley

The View

The View

and across the Pool to the Folly

Pool and Folly


and looking back at the Bank up to the house

The Bank

and as you walk back up the bank some Cyclamen by the path, and that view again!

Cyclamen and View

Once back up the bank again! a glimpse through the hedge at the contemporary pond.

Peep Hole - Contemporary Pond

The Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden

and the Wide border

Herbaceous Border


We didn’t stay for tea, but there was a tea room in the end of the (huge) house. Comprehensive plant list available, and many of the plants are labelled. Recommended.

And home again. As my Father used to say: “East … West … Home’s best”


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