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Sissinghurst Sunday 27 November 2011

We visited Sissinghurst (website). The most visited garden in England I believe. We went on a Sunday, expecting vast crowds, but the weather was very iffy and we got away with it and only a modest number of visitors.

Not my cup of tea, I’m afraid and feel rather sacrilegious in saying. I don’t like collections of plants, for the sake of it, gardens. I like corners that you turn and go Wow! at the surprise that awaits you, and themes – like this border of Dahlias and Sambucus Black Lace (I assume) that I saw at East Ruston Old Vicarage this summer.

I did like the Nut Walk – clumps of hazelnuts at decent spacing that allowed other things to grow in the shade beneath. That might be an idea for our Fruit and Nut garden.

Sissinghurst - NutWalk

Sissinghurst - Lime Pleach - Brutally pruned

Well I don’t know about you, but I though this pollarding of the Pleached Limes looked hideous, and seemed unnecessarily early (this photo taken 1st week of September)

Image gallery (click a thumbnail for larger image / slide show)

Sissinghurst is very near Great Dixter (Garden Visits), and well worth planning on visiting both on the same day

Site tour: Great Dixter


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