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Will Giles Exotic Garden Sunday 27 November 2011

Sadly Will Giles died 2nd September 2015 and his garden was closed for the remainder of the 2015 season; I don’t know if it will reopen in future years, but it was an honour to have met the great man, wearing one of the flamboyant shirts that he was famous for!, and my single visit to his garden inspired me with ideas and copycat planting for my own Exotic Garden.

We visited Will Giles Exotic Garden (Website) on the last Sunday of October 2011. Probably the best time to see it as the tropical plants have put on as much growth as they are likely to make before the Autumn cold and frosts arrive.

This garden is open on Sunday afternoons, making clever use of the carpark of a Mon-Fri business at the bottom of the hill-side garden. Amazing how much was crammed into a town house garden; and Will was on hand helpfully and patiently answering my asinine questions.

He told us that he has Christmas lunch in his treehouse – its a sensibly impressive, and live-in-able structure, particularly given his sloping plot.

Image gallery of Will Giles Exotic Garden (click a thumbnail for larger image / slide show)

We then went on to visit Amulree and Urban Jungle exotic plant nurseries which are nearby, and returned home with a car FULL of plants – taking advantage of the half-price end-of-season sales.

Image gallery of Urban Jungle (click a thumbnail for larger image / slide show)

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One Response to “Will Giles Exotic Garden”

  1. Jenny Green Says:

    This has been an incredibly interesting and satisfying tour for me Kristen. It is a tribute to your committment, passion and far sightedness. It will be a wonderful legacy providing future pleasure for all those who see it in the years to come and I thank you, sincerey, for your invitation to view.

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