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Building a Garden Extension Friday 1 October 2010


I think I could do better for a page title … but it feels like converting the garage into an extra 3 bedroom annex, so it will be the “Garden Extension”.

We have an area that once was a tennis court, no longer a viable playing surface when we moved in, and our kids have no keenness for tennis. Not to mention that the court is in completely the wrong place … well, I have persuaded myself that it should go! We were very keen to have a sunken garden; a knot garden, parterre and some topiary would be ideal, but they are best enjoyed looking down on them for a higher vantage point. Trouble is, the land around here is very flat, and heavy clay. If we dug a hole 4′ deep I am really unsure both about how well the drainage would function (with so little fall), and whether anything would grow well in the sub-soil we would expose. We can create decent planting holes, but they will just be containers for water – not for nothing a “marled” pond just needs clay to retain the water.

The organising committee (just the two of us!) is still in debate, but my mind has already moved to a flat garden.

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3 Responses to “Building a Garden Extension”

  1. Elizabeth Palmo Says:

    I’m really enjoying looking at your site. How did the Davidia Involucrata do? I was thinking of getting some seeds.

    • kgarden Says:

      I grow too many things … I think the Davidia was a casualty of that: not enough time to look after them. Sadly. I will try again, but at the moment far too many things on the go. I think I have 140 packets of ornamental seeds this year, and then there are the vegetables on top, and I haven’t sown anything as yet – 10% or more would have been happy put outside for the Winter to stratify which would have saved some time, whereas now I have to do them all … really REALLY must start this week. Wish me luck!

  2. I have the same problem – I start out taking good care of my seedlings, but then I plant too much and stuff gets neglected. It is hard to be reasonable when ordering seeds. 🙂

    I ended up ordering a young dove tree. Might be pushing the zone a bit, but may be okay in my city garden.

    Good luck with your garden craziness!

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