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Chickens Sunday 13 July 2008

Not a lot to report here. My youngest asked for some chickens for her Birthday in Spring 2008, and we got her a second hand Omlet Eglu and three French Morans

Spring 2008

The Eglu:

29 June 2008

and the Chooks roosting in the Leylandii (Spit!) hedge:

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4 Responses to “Chickens”

  1. Mel Says:

    How are the chickens doing? 🙂

    Did you eventually expand the size of the enclosure?

    regards, Mel.

    • kgarden Says:

      The Chickens have free roam in the garden, but are occasionally confined-to-barracks (if we are away and don’t want whoever we have press-ganged to feed the animals! to have to catch them. It does seem a small area, but they don’t seem to mind – I think the problem is much more with my perception of it being small than the chickens being bothered – and they have all the space they could want most days.

      • Alice Says:

        Do you still have the chickens? I was just wondering how it all turned out?

      • kgarden Says:

        Yes, we do still have chickens. I haven’t written anything because I couldn’t think of anything to write … the article looks very skinny though.

        We are on our second batch, although only one now left, which I think is not too bad for 8 years. We’ve still got our Eglu – very pleased with it as it is a doddle to clean.

        I would like to have some running ducks – they look great around the garden and lay more reliably than chickens – but I’m biased and think the Girls look very plain and of course the boys don’t lay any eggs.

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