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Cross Walk Sunday 30 December 2012


When we created the Herbaceous Border and Shrubbery around the old tennis court we created a path to the tennis court, which, at the time, was only planned to link the two outer paths to the replacement for the Tennis court

Cross Walk - Oct 2010

Don’t those sheds look awful?!

May 2011

On reflection we thought this would be better extended to the edges of the plot, so in Spring of 2011 I bought some Lavender plug plants and potted them on so that they would be decent sized plants come Spring 2012 when they could be planted out

Cross Walk - May 2011 - Lavender Plug Plants

Cross Walk - May 2011 - Lavender potted-up

October 2011

Cross Walk - Oct 2011

The view looking West indicating how a path right across the site might look, and we might open the hedge at the West end to provide a vista across the surrounding farm land

Cross Walk - Oct 2011 - Over the hedge

this photo over the hedge shows the view of surrounding countryside. There is a grand vista at Hidcote through the perimeter hedge via a nice wrought iron gate – so something for me to keep my eye open for on eBay!

HIdcote - Great Alley

This is the view along the Great Alley, up through the Stilt Garden, to the wrought iron gates

HIdcote - Great Alley View

and the view across the valley when you get there. Sadly, in Suffolk, we don’t have that sort of escarpment to show off!

Cross Walk - Jun 2011

This view is the opposite direction (looking East)

OK, the view from October 2011 again:

Cross Walk - Oct 2011

We then removed the plants that were in the way of the new path and prepared a seed bed for grass seed.

Cross Walk - Oct 2011

this also shows the topiary Yews we had planted in Centre Court, and which will “frame” the view along the Cross Walk. The grass was sown at the end of October (we’ve been luck with an exceptionally warm Autumn)

Cross Walk - Nov 2011 - Grass germinated

and the grass had germinated within two weeks, and the Lavender plug-plants have come on well in the greenhouse, and will be ready for planting-out next Spring

CrossWalk - Lavender Plants

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