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Fruit and Nut Walk Sunday 30 December 2012

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Daffodil Planting – Autumn 2015

I’ve been trying to choose some Daffodil varieties to mass-plant in an area of lawn that we can leave to grow long, whilst the Daffodil leaves die down after flowering. But there are so many different varieties it is impossible to choose, and I’m not sure I like the idea of “islands” of each variety. My thought it to plant the whole area with some Early , Mid and Late varieties, so that the whole area will be a “cloud” of Daffodils throughout the flowering season. But I’d like to be sure that the Earlies have finished before the Mids start – or that the flowers don’t clash / complement each other – so I can just inter-plant them all.

We also need some Daffodils for cutting for the house. I always hate picking them from the “show” area as it steals part of the presentation. So I came up with the idea of planting all the varieties from my short list in a cutting bed, and then seeing how they perform, when they flower, what looks good together, and in a year or two’s time mass-planting the rough grass area with the final very-short-list! of varieties – particularly given that my “short list” is 28 varieties!

I based my selection on the varieties that J Parker sells, because they offer them at a wholesale price (J Parker Wholesale) which works out much more reasonable than buying them from a regular bulb supplier, and then choosing varieties (mostly!) that have an RHS Award of Garden Merit. This was the list I came up with (J Parkers don’t sell “Rijnveld’s Early Sensation” but as it is the earliest flower of all the Daffs its one I wanted to have, regardless)

So where to plant them? Clearly not in the rough grass area as they will be impossible to “rearrange” once planted; I don’t really have a suitable space in the cutting beds in the vegetable garden, as the ground is turned when cut flowers are planted which would interfere with the bulbs. So I decided that in between the Nut Plants, in the Fruit and Nut Walk, would be idea. There is plenty of dead space between the nuts, its not on show from the house, nor really somewhere people walk to see during the Spring, so ideal to use for cutting.

So that’s it then – 28 varieties, 25 bulbs of each, just need to get them planted between the Cobnuts … I made holes with my Bulldog “stamp on” bulb planter, than made the holes deeper with a De Wit bulb planter (which operates rather like a post-hole-spade), a small handful of compost in the hole, then some more compost over the bulb so it starts off with a nice growing environment, and then put the turf-plug back.

Daffodil Cutting Bed

Daffodil Cutting Bed

The Daffodils are planted between each Cobnut, there aren’t many flowers in the photo as I’ve been cutting them for the house. A decent sized vase needs 20 – 30 stems, they last a week, so over the flowering period I need 500 – 1,000 blooms for 2 or 3 vases.

I’m assembling some photographs of the varieties over time on the last page of this article [Daffodil Collection]

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