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Greenhouses Tuesday 5 May 2009


June 2006

I bought an Eden 10′ x 8′ back in the early ’70s when I was about 15 and had started to become interested in gardening; it took all my pocket money, and I mourned the fact that I couldn’t afford the bigger 12′ x 10′ model.

Well, in 2006 I saw an Eden 12′ x 10′ on eBay and I had to have it! I drove up to Sheffield to collect it with Tom. I reckon it was erected the same day my original 10′ x 8′ was … but no matter, it was intact.

(If you need advice on dismantling and moving a greenhouse here is a link to a good article How To Dismantle a Greenhouse)

How much does greenhouse glass weigh?

By my calculations (stand on the scales with 10 panes of glass!) 3mm glass 24″ x 24″ weights just under 3kg per sheet, and 4mm glass just under 4kg per sheet. For transporting I reckoned on 333 sheets of 3mm glass weighting 1 tonne / 1,000 kg.

December 2006

I applied Roundup to the area where the greenhouse would be, and also the surrounding area for the vegetable patch

May 2007

Oh dear! A 30′ x 10′ Eden greenhouse came up on eBay. Tom and I set off to Gatwick to pick it up. I had been planning to have a Plastic Tunnel for “cropping”, but a proper glasshouse is going to be better.

There is a bit more “stuff” in this one, but Tom and I manage to get it in the back of the Bus.

May 2007

Dug the trench for the footings

June 2007

and ordered some bricks, sand, cement …

July 2007

and (not wanting to appear too keen!) laid the bricks

October 2007

and (pace is not exactly hotting up!) constructed the frame

April 2008

and (home straight now!) glazing underway

I’m really only after “cropping” this year, so I will leave glazing the propagation / house plant house as a Winter job.

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2 Responses to “Greenhouses”

  1. claire Says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Have you created anything about that lovely pergola yet?

    Can’t seem to find it.

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