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Herbaceous Border Sunday 30 December 2012


The herbaceous border is on the left side of a long plot, off to the side of our house.

September 2007

It was ploughed and rotavated in the spring

Herbaceous Border Ploughed 2007

and I’ve seeded a grass path.

October 2007

It is reached via a path through an area of rough cut grass. This is clearly too narrow. I have seeded the new path at four mower widths (4 x 24″) and the path here is currently two mower widths, I will widen that next spring.

28 April 2008

We planted a yew hedge on the right side of the area planned for the Herbaceous Border. This will separate it from a sunken garden (to the right of the hedge, out of frame)

Its very late to be planting a bare root yew hedge … so much for having had the land ready for over a year

06 June 2008

Well, the seeded grass path looks OK, but if I hadn’t mown it it would be hard to see where it finished and the beds began!

I’ve widened the path that leads to it to four mower widths, so its now 8′ wide.

The little white flags mark an “invisible fence” that we have put in to contain the dogs in the long grass (foreground). They can jump the rabbit fence and have a tendency to “roam”!

10 July 2008

The hedge on this side is doing OK. The one on the other side, in the Shrubbery, is not looking so good.

I’m using a mixture of round-up and plastic sheet (a bit left over from the pond project!) to control the weeds as we will not plant this until the Autumn. I should have used sheet mulch under the hedge.

01 November 2008

As part of the Front Hedge Replanting project a number of large shrubs were removed, and I decided these could become the backdrop for the proposed herbaceous border. Not sure how many, if any, will survive.

Shrubs moved from Front Bed - ready for planting

Shrubs moved from Front Bed - ready for planting

They were pretty big! had to bring the JCB round in order to plant them:

Barrow for Mahonia and Spade to plant it with!

Barrow for Mahonia and Spade to plant it with!

All planted at the back, and some composted “hay” from last June brought round ready to spread over the bed

Transplanting completed

Transplanting completed

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