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Hydrangea Walk Sunday 30 March 2014


The end of the garden had originally been intended to be rough woodland, but when in Autumn 2010 we decide to make it into more formal gardens I included a wood walk which will be mostly Hydrangeas and some thin-canopy trees, such as Eucalyptus.

East Ruston Old Vicarage - Woodland Walk

This photo is from East Ruston Old Vicarage

Hydrangeas are very easy to grow from cuttings, and whenever I have seen a nice plant on my travels I’ve broken off a couple of snippets and brought them home. There was a particularly nice plant next to an ice cream shop on Icar Point in Guernsey! – excellent ice cream too.

As of late Autumn 2011 I have close to 50 Hydrangea rooted cuttings, which will hopefully be ready for planting out in Autumn 2012, and I have a few that were taken last year, plus about 10 more prestigious varieties that I have bought when they have been in the sales or on special offer.

In 2009 I had been planting that the Shrubbery would “continue” with a curved path through the rough grass (intended to become woodland):

Shrubbery and Woodland Path – Jun 2009

(the shrubs were small, and we were struggling to control the weeds around them)

In 2010 the area was still just rough grass, but this photograph happens to be in line with the path we have now created:

Hydrangea Walk - Oct-2010

During 2011 I mowed a path so that we could see the perspective and finalise the layout:

Hydrangea Walk - Mar-2011

I thought about how to dig the plot, given how much else we have taken on this Autumn, and we decided to buy a couple of piglets, let them dig the plot, and then pop them in the freezer in the Spring. Perhaps we will get some more piglets next year to dig the additional rooms that make up the Garden Extension.

Hydrangea Walk - Oct-2011 - Pigs

So I loaded one of the sheds, from the eyesore next to the shrubbery, onto the tractor and moved it to make “home” for the pigs.

Hydrangea Walk - Pigs - Nov-2011

The pigs have made a fine start digging the plot – and eating all the windfalls from the orchard. (This is exactly one-month’s work!)

Hydrangea Walk - Nov-2011 - Pigs

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