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Long Walk and Folly Sunday 30 December 2012

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2014-2016 Folly Project

We constructed a base for the Folly during February 2014 – which caused a lot of mess of course

Folly Base - Feb 2014

Folly Base – Feb 2014

and then did the brickwork in May. My daughter cleaned up the bricks, for pocket money, from a wall we took down last summer and I am pleased to be able to reuse them

Folly - May 2014

Folly – May 2014

Folly - Walls completed - May 2015

Folly – Walls completed – May 2015

The “mess” is behind the hedge, but still needed a fair amount time spent sorting it out

Folly Mess - May 2014

Folly Mess – May 2014

Through 2015 the Folly looked like a bus shelter! In late Winter 2015/2016 we started work on completing the construction.

Folly Pillars - Feb 2016

Folly Pillars – Feb 2016

Folly Top Rail - Mar 2016

Folly Top Rail – Mar 2016

The top rail (if that’s the right term) had to be cast in concrete in-situ; that rail is faced with stone

Folly Cornice - Mar 2016

Folly Cornice – Mar 2016

The stone rail goes all the way around (and I’m pleasantly surprised how smart it looks from the back). Its only facing stone though, so we drilled it and “tied” it with rods.

Folly Cornice - Apr 2016

Folly Cornice – Apr 2016

A cornice was then fitted on top of the “rail”

Folly - Apr 2016

Folly – Apr 2016

Pediment fitted. Now starting to look rather grand! I’ve come up blank trying to think of what to put inside it, if anything. A bench along the back is as far as my thinking has got – it is supposed to represent an Etruscan Temple which, before the Romans wiped them out, would have housed statues and art of their gods; that would need a bit more than casually attendance of night school “Sculpture 101” …

Folly - Aug 2016

Folly Finished – Aug 2016

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  1. Ziggy Says:

    Like the perspective idea.

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