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Ponds Sunday 1 August 2010


When we moved in there were two ponds. A circular pond to the left, and an oval pond to the right.

March 2006

(This was before we moved in)

June 2006

Now that we have moved in we realise that the ponds (which are made of concrete) are cracked, and leak.

and once we started entertaining on the terrace we also realised that the oval pond comes too close to the terrace, and takes up too much lawn.

The mares tails, round the left of the pond and under the trees behind, are a bore

November 2006

Not very attractive when the water drains away! (the Round pond is in the distance)

and viewed from the opposite side:

The Round Pond

08 August 2007

Work starts! Plants are moved to the Round Pond, and the muck in the Right pond is carted away to the compost heap – which is quite large now!

Then the concrete was pulled up, and removed. We found plenty of nice stone in the pond, which we put to one side to reuse.

I then dug a connecting pond between the Round pond, on left, and the Oval pond on the right – its behind the pile of earth in the middle – and started filling in. (The blue tarpaulin is covering some turf lifted from the new middle pond, and the widening of the drive. It sat there for two blazing hot weeks in August before it was re-laid!)

Of course the in-fill has to come from somewhere! so I dug a hole in the area where we plan to make a woodland. Another pond!

I then laid a pipe to catch the water from the roof as fill-up for the right-hand pond

and then some top soil (middle pond a bit more visible, turf still baking in the sun!)

24 August 2007

All done and ready to party for the Bank Holiday weekend! The turf looking suitable yellow, and there wasn’t enough to cover the whole area.

(This picture is left-to-right on the picture above, if that helps!)

There were a few other jobs that we did whilst we had the equipment on site – which included digging through the Water, Telephone and Electricity !! – so at least I know where they come in to the house now! not popular with my DW …

We widened the front drive a bit, and put in some drains to take the roof downpipes to a rainwater harvesting tank (well, that will be another project in the future!)

and here’s a follow-up a year later (July 2008 )

and a nifty trenching machine to put a new, “fatter”, telephone cable in through the Old Orchard

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3 Responses to “Ponds”

  1. Lesley Gray Says:

    I was just doing a search to find answers to a vine question and have ended up spending ages on your site. I love it! What fun your projects are and what fun to read about it all. I also started a ‘garden blog’ at the begining of a project but it lapsed and I took it ‘off-line’. You have inspired me to restart!

  2. Marley Says:

    Really looking fantastic now.. Not looked for a long time & some super changes… Great to have the space time & spondulacs to do it…
    One day you will hopefully be able to sit back, glass in hand & look at it all & say… ” Wow, I did that & what a job”…!!!!! Smile……

    • kgarden Says:

      Thanks Marley. Writing about it, and folk stopping by the website to have a look, is very therapeutic. Although the place continues to look like a building site, showing people round who visit us just once a year its pleasing to be able to show & tell them what we have done in the last 12 months.

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