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Rose Garden Tuesday 3 October 2017

The Rose Garden

Early on in the development of the garden we planted some Roses by the main terrace where we sit out in Summer. We went to Cants Roses, which is quite near us, and wandered around their field planting choosing varieties based on both the colour we wanted, but also giving extra weight based on scent.

We settled on Just Joey at the front and Chandos Beauty at the back.

Roses – Jun 2017

Roses – Jun 2017

Roses – Jun 2008

Roses – Jun 2009

Pruned – Mar 2012

Roses – Jun 2016

In 2010 we built a Pergola, at right angles to the main rose bed, to hide a rather ugly pool cover (more details on the Pergola Project page)

Pergola – Sep 2014

Pergola – 2011

We then replaced the pool cover, with something more attractive, and then decided that the painting and maintenance of the Pergola took more time than we could spare, and in March 2017 we took the Pergola down and planted roses of the same variety as in the rest of the Rose garden.

Replace Rose Soil

We replaced the soil, to prevent rose-sickness

Replacement Roses – Jun 2017

The new roses in their first year. We were late ordering them, so the Chandos Beauty at the back have not made a lot of growth and Cants had sold out of Just Joey for the front (we planted them in Autumn 2017)

2019 was an excellent year, even for the more recently ones planted in 2017 (bottom)

Roses – 30-Jun-2019

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