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Vegetable Patch Sunday 30 December 2012


March 2007

The local farmer kindly came and ploughed the veg patch area

Vegetable Patch Ploughed – 2007

and also the areas destined for our Shrubbery and Herbaceous bed; I hired a mini-tractor with a rear-mounted PTO-driven rotavator, which made light work of breaking up the soil.

Total area is 675 sq.M – which includes the greenhouses and the areas used for Nursery beds and Cut flowers.

We made some raised beds by just digging out the paths and putting the soil on the beds, so nothing to retain the soil at this stage.

So far all we have are some shrubs I bought on eBay that needed somewhere to live, temporarily.

October 2007

Well, we seem to have planted more shrubs, including several that were “re-deployed” from elsewhere. The greenhouse frames are in place, but not properly secured, let alone glazed!

April 2008

Planted some soft fruit. 100 Raspberry canes (from First Early to Last Late-Autumn!), Currants, Blackberries and Strawberries. Should really have been planted last autumn, Ho! Hum!

10 June 2008

This end of the Veg patch still full of shrubs being “held”, although believe it or not I’ve moved 20 or so to the Shrubbery. On the right you can just about see the Raspberry canes. Cropping greenhouse is now glazed

Below the greenhouse is an area for nursery beds and cut flowers. Got some of each here, the bamboo canes are for Sweet Peas

20 June 2008

Decided that even though the whole garden is netted against Rabbits it would be prudent to separately wire the Vegetable Patch so that any critters that get into the garden still have a struggle to gain access to the juicy veg!

10 July 2008

Raspberries coming up (right, far end), and sweet peas (far left) now producing lots of blooms for the house. We have started putting One Tonne builders bags around the garden for compost waste so that we don’t have to remember to take a barrow with us when the urge-to-weed strikes!

You can see the Cucumbers at this end of the greenhouse – now right up to the ridge, and growing along it, and the Gladioli – which were planted hopelessly late, and they aren’t exactly in the Cut Flower zone either! Next year god willing I’ll be more prepared, and organised, so will have everything in its right place. And my pigs will be all fed and ready to fly!

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One Response to “Vegetable Patch”

  1. Larkshall Says:

    I have put an electric fence around my veg. plot. No problem with rabbits since.

    Regarding the “beds”, I have done mine similar, 1metre beds and 40cm paths, dug a full spit before fining down with the Mantis Tiller (electric).

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