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Woodland Wednesday 1 October 2008

At the end of our plot is a “spit” where we plan to make a woodland walk. It will mostly be interesting trees, rather than natives, so I suppose more of a collection of specimen trees.

Spring 2008

I have grown from seed, and seedlings bought of eBay, some Walnuts, Tulips trees, Maidenhairs, Judas trees, Indian bean, an Handkerchief trees. I expect the Grandchildren will be the ones to see them reach a decent size!

Autumn 2008

I have dug some holes for a few trees, and planted some large shrubs (removed as part of the Front Hedge project) which will frame the vista of the paths I want to establish

Some views of the “Spit” looking away from the house:

View of Spit from left - Herbaceous

View of Spit from left - Herbaceous


View of Spit from middle

View of Spit from middle


View of Spit from left - Shrubbery

View of Spit from right - Shrubbery

After the Autumn planting there is an indication of a path on the left:

Left Side - Herbaceous

Left Side - Herbaceous

March 2009

and on the Right Side, from the Shrubbery – no leaves on the trees yet though!:

Right side - Shrubbery

Right side - Shrubbery

but sadly we didn’t manage to plant as many trees as we hoped, so that will have to wait until next Autumn.

July 2009

Woodland Central Path Jul '09


The Woodland from the Right side showing a line of canes marking the curve of the path.

Woodland Path from Shrubbery May '10

In the Summer of 2010 we decided that the Woodland Garden concept wasn’t working. The Spit was too narrow, and it was hard to create a woodland where the spaces were narrow, and we also decided that we wanted to change the informal “curved walk” through the planned woodland into a more formal straight walk flanked with hedges. So we madly! embarked on the Garden Extension project …

For direct reference the far left edge has become the Fruit and Nut Garden [Link] (after my favourite food, made by Cadburys!), the Middle Left has become the Round White Garden (to be planted Spring of 2015), the central walk has become The Long Walk [Link] and the far right is now the Hydrangea Walk [Link], but collectively they started off as the Garden Extension Project.

Next: Building a Garden Extension


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