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Veg Planner Spreadsheet Thursday 19 March 2009

Some notes about my Veg Planner Spreadsheet

Kristen's Vegetable Planner Sample (Click for larger version)

Kristen's Vegetable Planner Sample (Click for larger version)

This is a sample of what it looks like (click for a larger version)

Calendar Columns

1. Week numbers 1-52, and corresponding months (which looks slightly strange as some months have 5 weeks, and some 4)

2. Orange headings for the various vegetable “Families”.  Each Family represents one of the years / plot for crop rotation.  So the Bean Family plot in Year 1 should be planted with Cabbage Family in Year 2

3. Indicates that the plant can be sown Outdoors in Feb / March and

4. The Horizontal Stripe of Blue / Yellow shows a combination of Outdoor sowing (Blue) and Harvesting (Yellow).  Sowing can continue, and harvest will start for earlier sowings.

5. The Vertical Stripe indicates “next year” – so the Sep-Oct sowing is for harvesting the following year, also shown as vertical yellow strips which mean the harvest is next year.  For example, Brussels Sprouts shows vertical yellow strips in January, which is the tail-end of the harvest from plants grown the previous year.

NOTE: The Calendar is a guide. Different varieties may have very differnt timings, so you may need to change the Calendar, and the Data Columns below, according to the instructions on the seed pack itself

Data Columns

6. The data columns are:

  • Type (7) such as Broad bean, Pea, etc.
  • Variety is the specific variety name – i.e. the name on the seed packet you are sowing
  • Bought – indicate the Year the seed was bought (so, if you don;t finish the packet, you can decide if it is now too stale to use again next year, or not)
  • Supplier – brand name of the seed supplier – Suttons, Unwins, T&M, etc.
  • Qty – the qty of seed in the packet – usually printed on the packet.  Its particularly relevant for things like Melons where the numbers of seeds vary from 4 to 20, and print from £1.50 to £5.00.  If you want 6 plants then you may not want to buy a packet that only has 4 seeds in it!
  • Price – price you paid (e.g. half price in the Summer sale)
  • Qy Req – the number of plants, or the row length [feet or metres, whatever suits you], you plan to plant. This may help decide if you actually have enough room in your plot!
  • Dates – the date when the plants were Sown, Germinated, Pricked out and Planted (not relvant if sown direct), and the Bed they are in (a number, or name, of your choice).
  • First / Last – the date of First and Last harvest. Last harvest is useful in deciding when the ground will be available for a follow-on crop
  • Notes – any notes that you would like to record
  • Extra – I marked the remaining columns as “Exta” for you to use for any additional purpose. e.g. the Weight of the harvested crop

8. Some of the cells have an indication of when the event may happen, these are coloured dark yellow.  Others are blank (light yellow). When you put your date in the cell they will change to Green.


If there is a plant type that you don’t want you can either remove that row, or “hide” it (which will mean you can “unhide” it later, if you decide you want it after all)

Hide a row

1a. Click in the left margin on the row. The row will be selected

1b. Right-click in the left margin and the pop-up menu will display

2. Select Hide

Bingo! No Brussels Sprouts this year!

There again, maybe you like Brussels Sprouts and you want two different varieties.  This is done in a similar way:

Duplicate a Row

1a. Click in the left margin on the row. The row will be selected

1b. Right-click in the left margin and the pop-up menu will display

2. Select “Copy”

Now “insert” the copied row (a dotted flashing line will have appeared around the row you are copying from)

Insert duplicated row

3a. Click the left margin of the row beneath – i.e. where you want to Insert – the row will be selected

3b. Right-click in the left margin and the pop-up menu will display

4. Choose “Insert Copied Cells”

Edit the duplicate row

5. The data will have been duplicated, so now you need to change anything that should be different – the variety, for example.

See also Making a Cropping Plan Spreadsheet


7 Responses to “Veg Planner Spreadsheet”

  1. Gary Says:


    It looks like you have done a very good job on this spreadsheet. I would really like to have a copy to use. These old papers are just getting worn.

    thanks in advance


  2. steve jones Says:

    Hi Kristin spreadsheet looks good could you please sent us a copy , think may help my partner with her planning

    thanks in advance


  3. paul travis Says:

    I would love a copy of your spreadsheet


  4. Anne Davies Says:

    Would love a copy of your spreadsheet. MAny thanks

  5. Kimberley Says:


    This planner looks fab – I would love to have a copy of it if that would be ok.



  6. Hello! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could
    locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same
    blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

    • kgarden Says:

      Sorry, I haven’t done anything special to add a CAPTCHA to my site, so can’t help with how to add one. However, I am a fan of ReCAPTCHA in case you are not aware of it? That presents two words for the user to “confirm” that they are human; one is a known CAPTCHA test, and the other is a snippet from a scan of a book being digitised, which the OCR could not automatically convert to text, so the users, but just using the ReCAPTCHA are also performing a useful function of confirming the correct interpretation for scanned books being digitised. I think that’s a handy use of technology 🙂


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